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CoEP reaches out to alumni abroad for funds

Pune Over four years into its existence as a premier autonomous technical institution, the college of Engineering Pune (CoEP) has embarked on an overseas fund-raising mission for aiding its ambitious modernisation plan. 
The 2,500-strong pool of CoEP alumni settled in the United States is seen as the prime provider of funds to push the phased execution of the Rs 294-crore modernisation plan - rafted by world renowned architect Christopher Beninger. 
On Monday, director of CoEP Anil Sahasrabudhe left for a fortnight-long tour of the US following an invitation by the San Jose-based CoEP Charitable Foundation (USA). The foundation has sub-centres in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Chicago and collectively covers 2,500 members. 
Sahasrabudhe would be joined by A.A. Sawant, head of CoEP's department of computer and infotech (IT), and C.V. Joshi, head of electronics department, at different stages of the US tour. 
Established in 1854, the CoEP got an autonomous status in 2004 and has since been exploring various measures to evolve into a world-class technical institute. 
The college has worked out estimates worth Rs 50 crore for constructing a new world class library building; a training and placement (T&P) complex; new classrooms and a revamp of the boat club premises into a modern five-star amenity. 
? ?The five to six acre land, stretching from boat club to the judges bungalow on the riverside end (behind mechanical engineering department), will see most of this new development,"said P.V. Mandke of Alumni Association while speaking to TOI. 
? ?We (CoEP) have had a preliminary discussion with the US alumni on the need for funding these initiatives," Mandke said and added that the response was more than encouraging. "Some of the alumni members have demonstrated their eagerness to generate a grand corpus as well as funds," he added. 
The CoEP director is scheduled to visit at least 10 destinations covering the entire west-to-east coast of the US and would make presentations on why the funding was necessary, said Mandke. "Post-autonomy, the (state) government can barely be expected to pick the bill for these development initiatives," he said. 
The college has planned a grand 'Global Reunion' of its students from India and abroad on October 19 and 20. At least 60 to 70 US alumni will be attending this event, which is being planned by the India arm of the CoEP Charitable Foundation. Construction firm Vascon's MD R. Vasudevan is spearheading this initiative, said Mandke. 
Rs 16.72 lakh in college kitty 
The Alumni Association of CoEP has received $ 42,000 (Rs 16.72 lakh) from the CoEP Charitable Foundation (USA) for setting up an endowment fund and having a chair professor, Prof. P.V. Mandke said. 
"One of our alumni, Sanjeev Deshpande, had contributed $ 30,000 to the foundation and the latter put another $ 12,000 to sent the total sum to us," said Mandke.